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On Trend: Pineapples, Rum & Tiki Cocktails!

What better way to enjoy the summer than with tropical tiki cocktails! 

 If Vogue are talking about it, it must be true! Over the past couple of years Tiki has slowly crept back into fashion and this year it hasn't slowed down! Everywhere you look there are pineapples, flamingos, and tropical fruit decorating everything from clothes to drinks. Originating from 1934 the tiki theme was loosely based on Polynesian culture and was known for its fruity drinks with little umbrellas, flamboyant Hawaiian shirts, and flaming torches. Since then Tiki has grown up, its dropped the sickly sweet drinks and has adopted perfectly aged rum and fresh ingredients. 

This is what you'll need to create the perfect tiki menu

If you're wanting to add some tropical drinks to your menu, drinkstuff have all that you need.

Syrups & Purees 

Sourcing fresh ingredients can be difficult, but don't worry we can help. Check out our wide range of syrups and purees, we stock a wide range of Funkin and Monin products. These syrups and purees are easy to store and are trusted by bartenders across the globe.


Once you know what drinks you're making you need something to show it off in. Forget the classic highball, they have their place but it's not serving tiki cocktails. For a vibrant tiki cocktail you need the best vessel you can get. Take a look at the pineapple glasses by Artis and Utopia, these glasses feature a dazzling pineapple shape and design but are made from a clear glass to display the contents. Here you can see the Artis Pineapple Glass modelled expertly by Top UK Influencer CCClarke on her Snapchat:

If you want something that breaks the mold check out the stunning Copper Pineapple from Utopia. With a removable lid that also acts as a stand, these copper pineapples will transform even a basic cocktail into a cocktail masterpiece.


Copper Tiki Pineapple

Not just in a copper finish, these pineapples are available in gold and silver as well. 

Finishing Touches 

Of course, even a modern tiki cocktail needs a little bit of decoration. Over on our website, we have a wide range of cocktail garnishes including crystallized mint, dried hibiscus, and coloured sugars. 

Should you want to add a cheeky cocktail umbrella or flamingo drinks stirrer we've got that too, check out our huge range of cocktail decorations.


Tiki Sunflower cocktail decorations