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Covid 19- Trick or Treating Alternatives

Halloween is creeping around the corner, but this year things are going to be a little different. With Covid-19, sticking to regulations and keeping a distance, trick or treating becomes very difficult.

So let's discuss some fun alternatives to assure you are staying safe and having a fun Halloween.

1. Have a spooky movie night

Gather some Halloween snacks and drinks ready and have a Halloween movie marathon! Some family-friendly movies we love are Hocus Pocus, Goosebumps, The Adams Family, Casper and The Witches.  Enjoy some family time whilst watching some Halloween movie classics, whilst eating some tasty nibbles!

Sounds just as good right!

2. Throw a bubble party

Invite your bubble to a Halloween themed party. Decorate the house with spiders, ghosts and pumpkins and serve up some spooky snacks ready for the party. 

This idea is a great way to enjoy the night whilst sticking to the rules and regulations.

3. Halloween afternoon tea

Ever considered having a Halloween afternoon tea? This unique idea is perfect for creating those mysterious snacks and bonding with your bubble whilst listening to spooky music.

Create some fun Halloween inspired cupcakes and pumpkin flavoured tea and coffee for you and your family this Halloween. 

4. Play Halloween games

Have some fun by playing some Halloween games with your bubble. A few favourites of ours are apple bobbing, toilet paper mummy, doughnut-eating race, pin the tail on the cat and Halloween bingo. 

5. Pumpkin decorating 

Host a pumpkin carving contest; whoever can carve the scariest pumpkin face can win a prize! A great way to spend time with your bubble and celebrate the holiday.

If there is trick or treating in your community

If you do decide to go trick or treating or take part by handing out sweets, here are some tips for staying cautious and safe:

  • Leave sweets on your doorstep in a bowl so you do not have to come into contact with trick or treaters
  • Try to trick or treat in a small group
  • Make sure you are leaving out sweets in wrappers
  • Wear a facemask if possible
  • If you do answer a door or knock on a door, keep a two metre distance
  • Be sure to regularly sanitise 

Halloween inspiration

If you need some Halloween inspiration for quirky glassware, spooky syrups and much more, head over to Drinkstuff.com. You can find the perfect glasses to create some Halloween themed cocktails and mocktails over at Drinkstuff.

A few of our favourite Halloween glasses include: a tiki skull cocktail bowl and light bulb cocktail glasses.

Syrups such as pumpkin spice or green apple are perfect for those cocktails and lattes!