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How to thoroughly clean a wooden serving board

Cleaning your wooden serving board is easier said than done.
We are going to be providing you a step by step guide on how to assure you are cleaning your serving boards to the best ability as possible.
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Step 1: Clean your serving board by hand

It is very important to always clean your wooden serving boards by hand and to avoid dishwashers!

Putting your wooden serving board into a dishwasher can cause them to deform and crack due to how long they are exposed to heat and water.

Instead, use warm water and a soft sponge to scrub away any dirt.

Be careful not to scrub away too hard, as you do not want to chip any of the wood.

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Step 2: Clean the serving board right after use

Try to remove any marks or stains from the board as quickly as possible; the longer stains are left on the wood, the harder they become to remove.

If you cannot immediately clean the board after a spillage then you can try using fine grit sandpaper to remove any marks.

However, be sure to not scrub away too hard as this could also cause holes to be made.

Step 3: Sanitize your board once a month

Sanitizing your board at least once a month is a very important cleaning step.

Even if you clean your cutting board after every use, you still must give your board a thorough clean using bleach.

Using bleach on your board will allow more germs to be killed and ensure your board is safer to use.

Be careful not to get any bleach on your clothing or on the kitchen work surfaces.

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Simply mix up one tablespoon of bleach with one galloon of water, then apply this solution to the board by using a spray bottle or wiping it onto the board with a clean cloth.

Allow the board to absorb the solution for a few minutes then run some warm water over it and leave to dry.

Step 4: Leave your wooden serving board to air dry

Your serving board needs to dry evenly; leaving your board to air dry evenly will allow the board to expand and contract evenly.

Allow your serving board to air dry, by firstly towelling of your board to make sure it is not dripping with water.

Afterwards, place it up right or on a drying rack but assuring all sides are exposed to the air to dry.

Do not rest your serving boards on a counter to dry as all sides must be exposed to the air.

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