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How to Free Pour

Want to improve your mixology skills by learning to pour liquor shots without a measurer?

Well, let’s take a look at how you can practice and become successful at this skill.

Invest in a jigger

Firstly, purchase a jigger to practice measuring.

Also find an empty liquor bottle that you can fill with water to be able to practice with, to avoid wasting any spirits.

Purchase a pour sprout if you do not already have one and fit it to the top of your liquor bottle.

Assure the pour sprout is tightly on to avoid any spillages.

This step is needed for learning to free pour because you must learn how to pour the correct quantities first.

Practice with a jigger

With a jigger, practice counting as you pour into the jigger as this will allow you to know how much you are pouring in.

This will also help you know how long you need to pour for, to reach a certain measurement.

Practice this part repeatedly until it is mastered.

Holding the bottle

Holding the bottle correctly is also part of the technique.

Grasp the bottle firmly by the neck, have your index finger over the base of the pour spout for support.

Quickly, lift the bottle up and tilt it into a cup then afterwards tilt it back.

If the liquid spills, the pour sprout may not be fitted securely.

Begin to free pour

You should now be able to begin to free pour!

Free pour into a glass whilst counting to the number that you have been whilst practising.

Doing this will allow you to free pour the desired amount.