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Pimms Recipe | How To Make & Serve Pimms

Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of Pimms! Quintessentially British, this fresh and fruity punch is always a crowd-pleaser and is ideal for serving at BBQ’s, parties and afternoon teas – the perfect way to cool off in the sun. 

What’s In Pimms? 

A gin-based spirit, Pimms is a liqueur made up of a combination of warm spices, botanicals and caramelised orange – giving it its signature fruity scent. Rarely enjoyed neat, Pimms is often mixed with lemonade to create its luscious summery taste. A Pimms is often called a fruit cup, referring to the array of seasonal berries and citrus fruits included within the drink. 

How To Make A Pimms

A Pimms is a notoriously easy drink to make, but that doesn’t distract from the wow-factor it presents – here’s how to make one.  

Equipment Needed:

Ingredients Needed:

  • 200ml Pimms 
  • 600ml lemonade 
  • Ice cubes 
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Sliced orange 
  • Halved strawberries 
  • Mint sprigs 


  1. Fill the jug with ice cubes and pour in the Pimms and then the lemonade – use a mixing spoon to give it a good stir. 
  2. Add the cucumber, orange slices, strawberries and mint sprigs, and stir again gently to combine.
  3. Serve immediately and enjoy.

How To Serve Pimms 

While you can enjoy a refreshing glass of Pimms in any cocktail glass you wish to use, we would recommend using the traditional highball glass – allowing for lots of room to add ice and fruity additions to your beverage.  

Alternative Pimms Recipe 

The classic Pimms and lemonade sure is delicious, but there are other variations of this popular punch which are equally as mouth-watering. Why not try swapping the lemonade out for other types of fizz to create fruitier and more complex flavours? 

Pimms With Flavoured Soda 

Flavoured soda and tonic waters are easy to find, with many supermarkets now offering a wide range of these products to choose from. Rhubarb, raspberry, ginger and elderflower flavours all work particularly well with the subtle spices of the gin liqueur.  

Equipment Needed:

  • Pitcher or jug
  • Mixing spoon  
  • Hiball glasses

Ingredients Needed:


  1. Fill the jug with ice cubes before pouring in the Pimms and the flavoured soda water – use a mixing spoon to ensure these are fully combined. 
  2. Add the cucumber, orange, freeze dried lime and strawberries and mint, and give a final stir. 
  3. Pour into hiball glasses, ensuring each serving gets plenty of fruit – you can add an additional sprig of mint to each individual glass if needed. 
  4. Serve straight away and enjoy. 

A pitcher of Pimms is super easy to whip up, and yet they’re quite the staple of a garden party or summer gathering. Get creative with your fruity flavours to make an array of different combinations, each more interesting and delicious than the last.