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12 Alternative Gin & Tonics to try on a Bar Menu

The Gin & Tonic. Arguably the nation's favourite "Cocktail". And even though the Gin Boom reached its peak in 2018, five years later, the Gin and Tonic is as popular as always. Now, of course, it'd be foolish of us to teach you how to make a Gin and Tonic. Absolutely no one needs to learn that skill. Nor does one need educating about the 100s of different flavoured Gins or Flavoured Tonics out there, enabling you to go crazy with your combinations.

However, what we can do here at Drinkstuff is give you some inspiration about how to add a new dimension to one of the nation's favourite tipples.

For this blog and video, we're going to bring Syrups into the equation.

Now don't immediately think we're turning the G&T into something sweet. Syrups don't have to mean that. What we are doing here is showing you how you can take your plain Gin and plain Tonic and add a touch of Va Va Voom relatively cheaply. But of course, we have a few other flavoured Gins and Tonics here too, where you can add a syrup component to create something even more unique.

In our blogs and videos, we tend to give Monin a lot of love. So for a change, we're going to focus on two of our other Syrup Brands... William Fox and ODK.



William Fox Flavours

ODK Flavours