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NEW IN: Funkin Shakers

Introducing our new Funkin cocktail shakers, a cocktail mix which is ready to go!
All you need is your Funkin shaker, some ice and alcohol and you will have your cocktail.
It's as simple as that!
Let's discuss exactly what a Funkin shaker is and why they are perfect for you.

What are Funkin shakers?

Funkin shakers are a premium quality cocktail mix.

They are delicious, expertly blended and bar quality worthy.

Perfect for first time cocktail creators or for those with a home bar wanting to create a quick and easy drink!

The shaker consists of a shaker, strainer, measure and the cocktail mix. 

The Funkin shaker removes the need for equipment making it super easy for everybody. 

How do the shakers work?

The shaker is very simple to use, simply peel back the lid.

Add the required measurement of alcohol (each Funkin shaker will have a certain liquor along with a measurement).

Top the shaker up with ice, shake well then serve!

And it's as easy as that. 

Once you have created your cocktail you can then serve it into a cocktail glass and garnish it to make the drink look extra fancy. 

Each shaker can serve up to 4 cocktails!

How much is a Funkin shaker?

Over at Drinkstuff, you can purchase a single Funkin shaker for just £4.16! Not forgetting that this single shaker will allow you to have four of your favourite cocktails!

For a case of four, it will cost you £15.41 which works out as £3.85 each!

We suggest you be quick when buying these shakers as they are quickly selling out!

What cocktail flavours are there?

Currently, over at Drinkstuff, we have 4 popular cocktail flavours which are: Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini, Bramble and Pina Colada.

All flavours have the same concept on how they work, however different alcohol is needed for each.

For an example add rum for a Pina Colada and add vodka for a Passion Fruit Martini. 

Do the Funkin shakers include alcohol?

No, the shakers do not include alcohol. 

Alcohol and ice are the only ingredients that you will need to add to your shaker.

This allows you to create a non-alcoholic cocktail too.