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3 Tasty Strawberry Cocktails with Vodka

Hey Cocktail fans, welcome back to the Blog. Today, we're going to give you three tasty Strawberry Cocktails, all made with Vodka, that you can try to make for yourselves at home. Keeping things as simple as possible but maximising the taste!

First up, the Strawberry. The vital ingredient to these Cocktails.

Here at Drinkstuff, we sell quite a few Strawberry Syrups and Purees. The advantage of having syrup over fresh fruit is that it has a long life and is shelf stable. No worrying about whether your fruit is Ripe or past its best. No worrying if you have enough. No worrying about Strawberry tastes vary from fruit to fruit. Having Syrups or Purees on hand not only saves you money and time but also guarantees consistency from your first cocktail to your 50th.


The Strawberry products we sell include;

Plus these which we don't have to hand for the video;

These Products all vary slightly. For Example, even the Syrups vary in sweetness and level of Flavour. The Reál is a different solution to the ODK and the Monin Le Fruit. And the latter 2, even though they're both very close on Fruit content to Sugar ratio (50/50 give or take), they will give slightly different tastes and flavours to Cocktails. There's no better or worse, just different. Just be mindful that they may not be simple like-for-like swaps in Cocktails. All will need balancing slightly differently, depending on your palate. Some products may take 30ml. Others are 25ml to get the same flavour. Some syrups may only need 15ml. 



Strawberry Cocktail Recipes from the Video


Strawberry & Elderflower Cosmopolitan


Strawberry & Hibiscus Cooler


Strawberry & Chilli Mule