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Everything you need to know about Gin

Gin is an extremely popular spirit; usually served with a type of tonic or lemonade. Although it is a very popular beverage to drink, we don’t actually know too much about our favourite spirit.
So let’s talk about gin!

What is Gin?

Let's get started by discussing what Gin is exactly. Gin is a spirit which is flavoured with Juniper. Juniper berries will always be present in the gin, without them the drink is simply just Vodka.

Gin is very rarely drunk on its own, it is commonly mixed with either a tonic or lemonade.  

Four popular types of Gin

1. London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is an extremely popular gin to drink. This is the type of gin customers will want in their gin and tonics and classic martinis.

Popular types of dry gin include the Beefeater Gin or Bombay Sapphire.

2. Plymouth Gin

Very similar to the dry gin however, it is less dry and contains an earthlier flavouring. As mentioned in the name, Plymouth gin is only made in Plymouth making it unique!

This gin contains seven exotic botanicals, leaving the drink to have that earthly taste.

3. Old Tom Gin

Old Tom gin is nowadays a very rare type of gin. It is a much sweeter type of gin and is sometimes described as being an in between of Plymouth gin and Dry gin.

The gin has its name from the actor, Tom Collins.

4.Dutch Gin

Created in Holland, this was the original type of gin. This gin is also known as Jenever or Genever.

The main difference from the other types of gin is that this gin is made from malt grains instead of cereal grains.

Ways to drink gin

1. Drink it neat

Not the most popular way to drink gin however, drinking it neat can still be done! To drink gin this way, simply just pour a standard shot (44ml), of gin into an old-fashioned cocktail glass. To enjoy this beverage to the fullest, assure you take small and slow sips.

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2. Serve it with other flavours

There are many different mixers you can have with gin; the first one being tonic. Tonic is very similar to soda water, the difference is that tonic has a much more bitter taste. Then there is soda water which is great for making your beverage not as strong and making it last longer. Another mixture is lemonade or ginger ale, both perfect to include with your gin.

There is a continuous list of different mixtures that you can serve with your gin, it is all down to preference.

3. The gin glass is very important

Drinking your gin in the correct glass can change the way your gin tastes for the better. Balloon gin glasses are one type of gin glass that the beverage is commonly served in. They have an elegant stem with a generous bowl allowing you to have a bigger serving of gin. Another popular glass is the Hiball gin glass which is a straight tumbler, perfect for a gin and tonic or a gin based cocktail.

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Where does gin originate from?

Gin emerged in England after the introduction of the jenever, however, it originated in Holland. It is estimated that by the year 1720, as many as a quarter of the households in London were producing their own gin!

This period became known as “The Gin Craze”.

History on gin

Gin gets its name from the Dutch word for juniper, which is genever.

Gin was originally produced as a medicine, for the treatment of ailments such as gout and dyspepsia. The drink was eventually softened with herbs and spices to make it drinkable. This version of gin was discovered by the British after English soldiers came across it whilst fighting in Antwerp where the soldiers were known to drink genever before battle due to its calming properties.

You now should know everything you need to know on the classic liquor, gin.
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