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Sleigh Ride White Christmas Cocktail Recipe

How To Make A Sleigh Ride White Christmas Cocktail. Perfect for festive celebrations and Christmas parties! Ingredients: 25ml of Orange Liqueur (i.e. Cointreau) 50ml of Creme De Cacao 25ml of Hazelnut Liqueur (i.e. Frangelico) 50ml of White Chocolate Liqueur (i.e. Godiva) 25ml of Orange Juice 50ml of Coconut Milk Optional: Grated Nutmeg Cranberries, Orange Peel and Sprig of Rosemary for garnish White Sugar, for rimming the glass Method: Use a Glass Rimmer filled with White Sugar to rim a Martini Glass Add all of the ingredients (excluding garnish) to a Cocktail Shaker filled with Ice Cubes Shake until cool to the touch Strain into the Martini Glass and garnish with a few Cranberries, a Sprig of Rosemary and an Orange Peel Optional: Grate a small amount of Nutmeg to top it off.