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Ice, ice baby!

If you’re looking for a new way to impress your party guests this summer, why not try making completely clear ice cubes. It brings a subtle, but interesting difference to your drink and provides a talking point amongst your more observant friends. The best part is, there’s no fancy hundred pound machine involved, you just need your basic kitchen equipment and your ice tray.

Clear Vs. Cloudy

Step One: Use filtered water!
If you’ve been waiting to actually see (rather than just taste) the difference your fancy Brita Water Jug can make, this is the perfect example. The filtered water is much more pure and clean and is free from the dust and extra minerals that make your tap water so cloudy.

Step Two: Boil the water!
This might sound like an obvious next step, but there’s more to this process than you might think. You boil the water once, let it cool and then boil the water again. Boiling the water twice eliminates the dissolved air in the water and decomposes minerals in the water that make regular ice so cloudy.

Step Three: The Result!
Above is an example of the difference between regular cloudy ice cubes and the crystal clear ice you can make using the above instructions.

Why not try mixing up some icey cocktails at your next garden party? Cocktails with clear ingredients work best, such as a Mojito or Moscow Mule.

Islande Hiball Glasses - Perfect For Mojitos
To make a Mojito use:
1oz Lime Juice
1tbsp Sugar
6-8 Mint Leaves
2oz Light Rum
4oz Club Soda

In the bottom of a hiball glass, muddler together the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves until the sugar is completely dissolved. Try not to shred the mint leaves as you are only extracting the juices. Add rum, your special clear ice and top with club soda, before garnishing with a mint sprig and slice of lime.

Alternatively, shake all the ingredients, (barr the club soda) in a cocktail shaker before pouring straight into a glass and topping with the soda.

Mojito Cocktail Kit Combination Ice Crusher And Bucket Ultimate Bar Book