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10 Alternative Ways To Use A Shot Glass

Have you ever thought about using a shot glass for anything other than serving up shots for your friends? Shot glasses are actually more versatile than you may think! From sweet-filled wedding favours to more off-the-wall ideas (bacon with maple syrup pudding anyone?!) we present to you a list of the top 10 alternative ways to use a shot glass:

1. Desserts

After devouring appetisers, a starter, a hearty main course and a few glasses of wine, guests at your dinner party may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by the thought of a large dessert being brought out to finish the evening off. To still get that sweet fix, how about serving delicious miniature desserts in shot glasses, just like this lemon parfait?


2. Little vases

Looking for a unique way to adorn your tables at special events? Display beautiful single stem flowers in a shot glass for simple but effective decoration.

3. Edible place cards

After successfully locating your name on the right table at a wedding reception, how about being greeted by a shot glass full of edible treats with these edible place cards?  

 (image courtesy of melissajill.com)

4. For making candles

Get crafty and make your own colourful shot glass-sized candles to brighten up your home or to decorate your tables for a party. Home crafts aficionado Kirstie Allsopp would be proud!

5. Shrimp Shots

Shot glass aren’t just suitable for serving up sweet drinks and desserts. They are also very handy when it comes to displaying savoury canapés and small starters such as these fancy looking shrimp shots.

6. Individual dipping sauces

For guests with differing tastes, serve up your canapés with a choice of accompanying sauces inside shot glasses. There are lots of combinations you could try, but how about giving this chicken with dipping sauces idea a go!

7. Veggie Shooters

It can often be difficult to stick to a healthy diet when weekend parties roll around. No need to dismiss the crisps and dips completely, but having a healthier alternative like these veggie shooters could provide the perfect option for your more calorie conscious guests.  

(image courtesy of skinnytaste.com)

8. Turn a shot glass into a wine glass

Fancy being creative and making a wine glass out of a shot glass? Using these simple steps you can craft truly unique glasses that will definitely make an impact the next time you are entertaining!  

(image courtesy of brit.co)

9.  Vodka jelly shots

You may have experienced vodka jelly shots on nights out but how about attempting to make some at home? Treat your friends to your own creations by following these easy instructions and have some fun indulging in vodka flavoured jellies.

10. Sizzlin’ Bacon In Shot Glasses With Maple Syrup Pudding

A slightly obscure option, but nonetheless one that may interest folk who enjoy the flavour combination of bacon with maple syrup on their pancakes in the morning.  Does a shot glass filled with a maple syrup pudding, eaten with a crispy bacon spear sound simply too good to miss out on? Then give it a go using this intriguing recipe.

Have any of these ideas inspired you to get creative with a shot glass? Whether you are producing centrepieces for a wedding or making a unique miniature dessert for your next dinner party, you can find what you are looking for in the extensive range of shot glasses at www.drinkstuff.com.