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Dessert Cocktails with Chocolate. Add the WOW to your Cocktail Menu!

Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and pizzazz to your cocktail menu? Do you want to give your customers something unique and indulgent that they won't find anywhere else? Then look no further than our favourite Chocolate Dessert Cocktails made with chocolate Syrups from Monin, ODK and William Fox! Nothing signifies sophisticated sweetness like mixing up a tasty concoction of chocolate, liqueur and some creamy goodness. Not only do these sweet drinks taste amazing, but they also create an Instagram worthy moment when served - guests will be guaranteed to take out their phones when they see one of these beauties on the bar, leading on to free marketing. Read on for more inspiration and advice about creating scrumptious desserts cocktails with chocolate for your establishment.
** VIDEO **
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Chocolate Cocktail Recipes from the video

Death by Chocolate

25ml Vanilla Vodka
25ml Monin Amaretto
50ml Cream
Squirty Cream
Brownie Bits
Chocolate Sprinkles

Lemon Tart Martini

45ml White Rum
10ml Supasawa
50ml Cream

Espresso Caramel Brownie

30ml Barcelo Dark Rum
30ml Mr Black
30ml Cream
Brownie Bits
5 Chocolate Dessert Cocktails with Monin Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Nutty Bananarama

30ml Vodka
15ml Monin Amaretto Liqueur
15ml Monin Banana Liqueur
50ml Cream
Squirty Cream

Black Forrest Gateau

45ml Cherry Spiced Rum
50ml Cream
Squirty Cream