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How you can use Monin Cloudy Lemonade to upgrade your Cocktail Menus

Monin Cloudy Lemonade is a really great ingredient you can have in your pubs, bars, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and at home. This really can be a bartenders secret weapon. Don't look at this and think and think this is a stereotypical Monin Syrup, this is actually a concentrate, it’s not as sweet as syrups. You would essentially use it like a cordial, or squash. It's so simple, but we’re going to give you some other inspiration, other hints and tips of ways you can incorporate this into your cocktail menus.


How to make a Cloudy Lemonade

Let's start by using this in its most basic form. It's simply going to make a very easy cloudy lemonade. Or you may know it as Traditional lemonade or Victorian lemonade. Think of those brands that do Victorian lemonade.

Depending on Prices, you’re looking at less and 30p per serving! But how much could you sell it for?! £2.50-£3. Easily.

Now once you understand what the product is, there's a really cool way you can incorporate this into your menus to save you money.


Flavoured Cloudy Lemonade Recipes

Now if you want 2 other really quick simple serves to make even more of an impression;

  • Elderflower Tonic (not Pressé, you don’t want it too sweet)
  • Ginger Beer (again, pick a drier one)

Have a look in your Bar Bottle Chillers. I bet there’s a Tonic or Soda that you could use the Cloudy Lemonade with to upgrade a serve. Take the normal selling price of the bottle. Add your Cloudy Lemonade and you’ve easily added an extra premium to the RRP.


There’s also another way you can add flavour. Why not combine a Monin Le Fruit with Soda and Cloudy Lemonade?!


Alcoholic Cloudy Lemonade Recipes

We've tackled the non-alcoholic variants. How about incorporating alcohol to really add some extra cash in your tills! All the flavour of your standard cocktails, but so easy to make!


Gin Mango Collins


Lynchburg Lemonade

(Add Raspberry for a Raspberry Lynchburg)



Cloudy Lemonade Cocktail Recipes