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Platinum Jubilee Street Party Ideas | How To Plan A Street Party

The Queen’s long-awaited Platinum Jubilee is just around the corner, meaning the nation is getting ready to celebrate in style.

Marking 70 years of Her Majesty’s services to the country, the jubilee will result in a four-day bank holiday weekend filled with fun and festivities. Here’s everything you need to plan a street party, from music and food to decorations and drinks – let’s make it a day to remember!

1. Setting A Date 

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the date you’re holding the party. Most people will opt for the Sunday; however, you have a whole bank holiday weekend, and the Saturday may be more suitable to you and your guests.

Next, you may need to apply for permission to hold a street party – this will be dependent on whereabouts you live (you’ll also need to apply to the council if you need to close any roads in order for the party to go ahead).  This should be done as soon as possible, to avoid any delays.

Once you have both permission and a date, set out a timetable of the day as a rough guide of the order of events. Things such as knowing when food will be served and what time things will start to wrap up will be useful information to know ahead of time, for both you and your guests. 

2. Handing Out Invites 

You’ll want to make sure invitations are given out in advance, giving all guests plenty of time to arrange work commitments – not everyone will be getting a day off! It’s a good idea to invite people in a range of different ways to ensure the message gets out to everyone; this could be through door knocks, posters, flyers and online through social media channels and group chats.

Ensure the whole community is included, thinking about elderly neighbours who may not get out of the house much to hear about the event, and non-English speaking communities. 

3. Safety Precautions 

Though you don’t officially require a risk assessment to be carried out for a street party, you will need to think about the various safety precautions that will need to be considered. For example, ensure you know how emergency vehicles will gain access to the street should an accident happen, and how cars will be able to get in and out safely if needed. It’s a good idea to appoint a person who isn’t drinking to oversee other safety aspects, such as ensuring ashtrays aren’t close to flammable materials, and that glass, if there is any, is disposed of appropriately. 

4. Decorations 

Decorations are one of the most memorable parts of any celebration, and the Queen’s jubilee is a great excuse to go all out. From a British napkin set to cocktail decoration party sets, here at Drinkstuff we have everything you need to set the scene.

With red, white and blue being your main colour scheme, you can decorate your street party at a lower cost than you may think, opting for paper Union Jack bunting and banners and asking for flowers and foliage from your neighbour’s gardens to adorn across tables. Get creative with your décor, placing smaller bouquets and single stem flowers in milk bottles, for a vintage and stylish look. 

5. Food and Drink

All good celebrations need a good supply of food and drink. To ensure you’re relaxed enough to get into the party spirit on the day, make sure food and drink is organised ahead of time. Traditional buffet party food is ideal for a street party – finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and sausage rolls all being easy to prepare and store in preparation. 

Ask each guest to bring a dish to ensure a nice range of food is available, while also making sure those with dietary requirements are catered for, such as those who are gluten or dairy-free or vegan.

Paper plates and foil platters are ideal for use at busy events, being both easy to dispose of and passed around tables without the risk of being damaged. If you’re providing hot food, think of fun and creative ways to serve dishes, such as using ‘catch of the day’ greaseproof paper for lining fish and chip cones with.  

As for drinks, make sure you have enough of a supply to last for long into the night – no one wants to go home thirsty! Jubilee pint glasses are a great way to celebrate her Majesty’s reign when filled with delicious beers and lagers, plus barrel drink dispensers are perfect for serving fruity cocktails or mocktails and juices.

Plastic glasses are ideal for less stress when serving and tidying up, with a range of disposable and reusable wine, cocktail and tumbler glasses available for a variety of different drinks. For a classic cup of tea to enjoy with scones and biscuits, thermal jugs will ensure effective insulation and easy pouring. 

6. Music, Games and Activities 

It’s not a party without an epic playlist! Get all of the community involved by asking for song requests – this will also save you the pressure of picking a selection to cater to every taste. 

Games and activities will help keep younger guests entertained throughout the day, while also being great ice-breakers for bringing neighbours who haven’t met yet together. Traditional games such as hopscotch or skittles will be lots of fun and great for larger crowds, while activities such as colouring or crown-making competitions will be ideal ways to keep children occupied without breaking the bank. Now all that’s left to do is to celebrate!