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Dried Passion Fruit Slices for Cocktails

In this blog we'll show you 3 reasons why you should be using Dried Passion Fruit Slices for Cocktails instead of Fresh Passion Fruit.

We've recently launched our new Passion Fruit Garnish, which are perfect for Cocktails. Whether you make cocktails at home or in a pub or bar, these dried passionfruit slices are sure to set your cocktails off as a treat.



Why would you use Dried Passion Fruit Slices over Fresh?


Dried Passionfruit slices eliminate wastage. Depending on how fresh your Passion Fruits are, there's a chance that the older ones can go mouldy. Especially if you're buying in Bulk. Let's face it, the vast majority of Bars will want to have Passion Fruits on hand for garnishing their Pornstar Martini's and Passion Fruit Martini's. You can't really serve the cocktail up without a Passion Fruit.

Now with Dried Passion Fruit, you can buy a pack, and they will last for years before you even have to think about throwing them away. In fact, the chances of wastage from a Dried Passion Fruit are minimal.

There's also a thing with fresh Passion Fruits: they might not actually be ripe. Very often, you can cut into a Passion Fruit, and there will only be a tiny amount of pulp, meaning you may only be able to get one wedge per passion fruit. Or you may not even be able to use the full half, if that's what you use. So sometimes, that one passionfruit may only be good for one Cocktail.


Time Saving

When it comes to the Events Industry, these Dried Passion Fruit Slices will come into their own. But they will also be valuable to the busier high street bars too. The sheer volume of prep work for chopping Passion Fruits ready for Events, whether they're for 50 people or 500 people. Simply being able to open a pack of dried passion fruit slices without spending hours slicing up 200 passion fruits will be a godsend to bartenders and barracks.


Dried Passion Fruit Garnish for Cocktails


Look & Feel

These dried passion fruits look as good as fresh fruit. They are not a compromise or an inferior product. If you have a high-profile event with an important customer where the Cocktails need to make a fantastic first impression, then these Dried Passion Fruit Slices will do that. They look great on top of a Passion Fruit Martini. They look good on Mojitos and other Cocktails. This relates to the High Street Bars too. With Dried Passion Fruit slices, you have a guaranteed aesthetically pleasing Cocktail Garnish that will look the same on a Monday Lunchtime as it will on a Friday Night at 10pm.


For more information about our Dried Passion Fruits, check out this link