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3 of the Best Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hey Cocktail fans, welcome back to the blog. Today, we will inspire you with 3 of our favourite Boozy Hot Chocolates recipes. Then, we will show you something different regarding the garnish.

Traditionally, you'd obviously go for Marshmallows or Squirty Cream, which of course, are Epic! But we're going to give you a different Idea.

The Hot Chocolate we will use in these recipes comes from ODK. We sell 3 different Powders, all of which have different amounts of Chocolate in them. Purely for comparative reasons, Cadbury Hot Chocolate contains a minimum of 25% chocolate. And so does Galaxy Hot Chocolate.

Our ODK Hot Chocolates contain the following;

The following recipes below are all served Warm and are served in the Essense Latte Glasses.

To make your delicious Hot Chocolate, pick your favourite flavour from ODK and make your Hot Chocolate by adding the desired amount of Hot Milk.

Then try some of the following combinations;

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3


To make the frothy milk, if you don't have a Milk Steamer on a Coffee Machine, you can use a cafetiere. Heat up your Milk in a Pan or the Microwave. Pour it into your Cafetiere, then plunge it up and down a few times. To get added Foam, add 6 drops of Stillabunt Magic Velvet Foamers and your milk with Froth super easily.

To make a Flavoured Foam, Add 15ml of your Syrup of choice to about 50ml of Milk.