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What are the Best Apple Cocktails?

There are various ways you can make Apple Cocktails for your Pub or Bar. You could use a flavoured Spirit of which there are many. Just take Jack Daniels Apple or Jim Beam Apple if you want a Whiskey Cocktail. You have Apple flavoured Gins and Apple flavoured Vodka. You can use Juice to make Apple Juice Cocktails. And you also have Apple Liqueurs from our good friends at Monin.

But probably the easiest way is if you use an Apple Puree, or an Apple Syrup.

Apple Martini with Monin Granny Smith Apple Le Fruit Puree


Here at Drinkstuff we have various brands available and that’s why we chose to focus on Apple for our Flavour of the Month for March’s Cocktail Club. The products we have available are;

For March, we decided to use the Monin Granny Smith Le Fruit, but all the recipes that Steve shows you this month can easily be swapped out for a Syrup instead.

Also in this playlist of Video, Steve explains the difference between a Puree and a Syrup and why you may to choose to use one over the other.


The Easy Cocktail Recipes with Apple in this Playlist include;

  • The Appletini (aka Apple Martini)
  • Apple & Rhubarb Mojito
  • Apple & Elderflower Collins
  • Apple Julep
  • Apple & Melon Caipirinha

And more…


As always with these recipes, we think these not only work really well for all you home bartenders but also a professional Bar too. These are great recipes that you can use or tweak to put on your own Cocktail Menu.


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