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How to create an outdoor entertainment space

Looking for ways to improve your garden and to make it the perfect outdoor entertaining space? From plastic glassware to lighting, this blog has it all. Woo Woo pitchers and tasty nibbles, sounds good right? We are going to be looking at how you can make your garden the best place to be.
Here are our top suggestions for the perfect outdoor entertainment products.

Goodbye glass, hello plastic

Want to drink your favourite cocktail outside but don't want to risk breaking any glass?

Well, consider one of our plastic coupe cocktail glasses; meaning there will be no danger of any broken glass in your garden. These glasses are not just unbreakable, they are also dishwasher safe meaning there will be less washing up to be done!

Completely reusable, these glasses are eco-friendly to help improve the environment!

Don’t fancy a cocktail?

Not to worry, here at Drinkstuff we have our Strahl Vivaldi Polycarbonate Highball Tumblers, perfect for any drink you fancy. These plastic tumblers are easy to mistake for glass with their heavy bases. These tumblers are also dishwasher friendly; they will last up to 2000 cycles.

Create the perfect summers drink with a pitcher

Serve up your favourite cocktail in one of our plastic pitchers. There is no better way to enjoy a hot summers day in your garden than with a jug of Pimm’s. The long-lasting Polystyrene pitchers aim to keep your drinks service as safe as possible. The polycarbonate pitchers are also great and are dishwasher safe. These pitchers and jugs can be used for any beverage you desire, not just Pimm’s. Use these pitchers to serve beer or cocktails to your friends.

Keep the drinks coming with one of our beverage dispensers. No need to keep heading back inside when you can just flick the tap up for another drink! Our drinks dispensers range from plastic to glass, all different shapes and sizes. The ‘Del Sol Triple Drinks Dispenser’, is perfect for large gathering of friends. With it’s three different dispensers, this product allows you to have the choice of three different beverages!

The ‘Ice Core Beverage Dispenser’ however, is more ideal for smaller parties.

Recycle your cutlery

Here at Drinkstuff, we have biodegradable cutlery!

Perfect for your garden BBQ’s, simply recycle your knives and forks for a truly eco-friendly choice. Help do your part; The ‘Starch’ disposable cutlery is made from 100% compostable cornstarch, allowing you to dispose of your cutlery without harming the environment. Save the waste at the end of the night by using our disposable cutlery.

Fed up of cleaning up after your BBQ? Here at Drinkstuff, we have disposable Bagasse plates which are also eco-friendly! Why not make your outdoor experience that bit better! These plates are perfect for serving your food hot or cold. They are also made with sugarcane fibre, allowing them to be much more sturdier than plastic or paper plates.

Presentation is key!

Serve up some garden nibbles in one of our Melamine bowls. Chip resistant and virtually unbreakable, these bowls are the perfect item for your garden. Or present a delicious cheese board on one of our ‘Frostone Melamine Display Trays’. Melamine is extremely practical and break resistant, perfect to have outside in your garden!

Create an outdoor serving platter with one of Drinkstuff’s serving boards. How about an extra long serving board, as it's the perfect way to present some buffet food for all your garden party guests. Many of our boards feature a removable slate allowing you to be able to clean the board correctly. Serving boards are the ideal way to serve any type of nibbles!

From meat to flatbreads, these boards can create the perfect at home tapas night for you are your guests.

Drinking in style

Bar trolleys are an amazing way to present your bottle of champagne and champagne flutes out in the garden. With a practical design, bar trolleys are the ultimate way to display your beverages. These elegant trolleys allow you to have more space on your table, whilst having your beverage right beside you.

Keep your drink cool with one of our ice buckets. Perfect for parties, events or even whilst you are cooking up a BBQ; these buckets will keep your beverage nice and refreshed.

Do you have an outside bar?

If so, then our ice buckets are the perfect way to be able to serve ice in your guest beverages without it melting. Don’t forget to check out our plastic champagne flutes for the perfect duo.

An addition for bigger garden parties, are drinks pails. These tubs are more suitable for larger gatherings, allowing a lot more space for more beverages. Like ice buckets, these tubs need to be filled with ice to ensure your drinks are keeping cool. These pails can be used for keeping beer cans, champagne bottles of even soft drinks that bit cooler.

The perfect lighting

What better way to create an ambience than with a relaxing candle. Here at Drinkstuff, we sell many different candles and candle holders giving you a wide variety of the different styles you can choose from. Our ‘Bolsius Ivory Pillar Candle’ has an even burn and non-drip design. The wick produces no after glow or smell, making it ideal for setting a calm ambience to your garden dinner.

Create an even more relaxing ambience with a table lamp. Perfect for as the sun starts to set. Our table lamp holds tealight candles creating that warmer feel. The frosted glass also helps so create a calmer ambience.

We hope this inspired you and gave you some ideas on how you can create an outdoor
entertaining space. Be sure to check out our website for any more inspiration.