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Introducing Reál Puree's

Introducing Reál Infused Syrups to Drinkstuff. This a premium brand of “Puree” that’s been trusted by Bartenders around the world for years. It all started with the Coco Real which was such a hit with cocktails like the Pina Colada, because at the time, there was simply no other product like it on the market. Now they boast a portfolio of 22 Flavours, of which we have 18 here in the UK.


What is “Reál Infused Syrup”?

Basically in real world terms, it’s a hybrid between a Puree and a Syrup. All flavours have varying amount of Fruit Content. But their Fruit Content is proper fresh fruit. So think of these as a Long Life Shelf stable product, even after opening, that sits nicely on your Back Bars, or you can keep in a Fridge for extra Freshness. But they don’t need to be.

Reál Infused Syrup vs Monin and ODK

Now obviously compared to a product like Funkin, they have a lot higher Sugar content. But then Monin once opened only lasts a few weeks. Reál can last 18 months, depending on the BBE on the bottle.

And compared to Monin Syrups, they have a higher Fruit content which gives you more texture in your Drinks.

Now the obvious comparison is to ODK and Monin Le Fruit. Yes some of these products have a higher Fruit content to Sugar. Monin Le Fruit boasts 50.1% Fruit across the range. Where as ODK can be 50/50 fruit to Sugar, but also have lower percentages in their range.

How much Syrup should you use in Cocktails

On the Bottle Reál claim 30ml serving size, giving you 16 servings from a 500ml Bottle. However, it’s like anything, adjust to your own personal Taste. 30ml in some cases may be too much. So find your sweet spot. From our experiments, anything from 15ml to 30ml works well in drinks. But if you’re drizzling Blueberry on Pancakes on Pumpkin Spice on Muffins, we all like a little bit extra, right?!

Which is better? Monin, ODK, or Reál?

They’re all our babies, so we’re not doing to be drawn on that one. They all have their own plus points. And maybe in all honestly, no one brand nails every single flavour. So it could be a mix and match thing. That’s up to you to decide on your favourites.

However as this is a blog about Reál, it’d only be right to outline the plus points.

  • Firstly smaller bottles, meaning less product to potentially go off, translated to you’re more likely to use the whole bottle.
  • Secondly, a big plus point is the design. Top Down and Squeezy just gives to speed and more efficiency in use. No Shaking vigorously when the bottle is nearly empty to get that last 100ml out of the bottle! Especially as its more runny than Monin Le Fruit for example.
  • Thirdly, smaller bottles mean cheaper per unit to buy!

If you'd like to check out our range of Reál Purees and Syrups, CLICK HERE