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Happy Hour: Cucumber-Mint Gin and Tonic

Cucumber-Mint Gin and Tonic

A Cucumber-Mint Gin and Tonic gives the classic Gin & Tonic a new fresh twist. With zesty lime and cooling cucumber, a Cucumber-Mint Gin and Tonic is the perfect cocktail for any evening.

[recipe-ingredients] - 50ml of Gin - Tonic Water - 3 inches of Cucumber - 1 Lime (quartered) - A handful of Mint - Ice Cubes [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Muddle the Cucumber, Lime Wedges and Mint to a Boston glass and muddle 2. Add the Gin and stir 3. Strain into an ice filled glass for a smooth blend 4. Top up with Tonic Water 5. Garnish with more sliced Cucumber, Lime Wedges and a sprig of Mint[/recipe-directions] For a classic Gin and Tonic, we recommend serving it in our City Gin Balloon Glasses