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World Martini Day 2017 - Cucumber Mint Martini

In honor of World Martini Day here at drinkstuff, we've been looking at Martini cocktail riffs. Today we are bringing you the Cucumber Mint Martini. As a refreshing variant on a classic vodka martini, this Cucumber Mint Martini cocktail recipe features a cool and crisp taste using fresh ingredients.

[recipe][recipe title="Cucumber Mint Martini" servings="1" difficulty= "easy"] [recipe-ingredients] - 60ml Vodka - Mint Leaves - Cucumber, for garnish - 30ml Fresh Pressed Apple Juice - 3 Tsp of Sugar Syrup [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Muddle Mint Leaves in a mixing glass. 2. Measure out all the ingredients and add ice to the mixing glass. 3. Shake vigorously 4. Strain into a chilled glass 5. Garnish with Cucumber slices [/recipe-directions] [recipe-notes] For all your cocktail making needs check out our website