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Ways You Can Celebrate St Patrick's Day

Need some inspiration on ways you can celebrate St Patrick's Day?
Well you're in the right place!
We have got 8 fun and traditional ideas for you and your family to take part in this St Patrick's Day.

1. Drink Guinness 

Pint Of Guinness

It isn't St Patrick's Day without a pint of Guinness! 

Find your favourite Guinness glass (we recommend the Tulip Pint Glass), and raise a pint to the friendliest day of the year! 

You can even go all out with the Guinness Mini Fridge, which allows you to fit approximately 40 cans inside! 

2. Make green cupcakes

Green Cupcake

Have some fun baking some St Patrick's themed cupcakes! 

Perhaps a green velvet cake or a cake with green icing and a gold coin on top!

Baking green cupcakes is a great way to celebrate the day, especially with children. 

3. Learn Irish dancing

Irish Dancing

This idea can be super fun and quite a challenge!

There are many Irish dancing guides online for you to have a go at.

Plus, this is a great way to burn off any calories from the Guinness!

4. Wear green!

Green Hat

Of course you have to wear something green on the 17th!

Whether it's a green t-shirt or a green hat; take part in celebrating the day by wearing the famous colour.

5. Make a St Patrick's meal

Irish Stew

A few of our favourites are a classic Irish stew, Colcannon or a beef and Guinness pie!

How about making some traditional soda bread to go alongside your meal.

Don't forget a pudding!

We suggest a tasty Irish apple cake with warm custard!

Or if that doesn't suit you, how about an Irish coffee cake?

6. Listen to Irish music

Irish Music

There's no better way to lift the mood than with some Irish music on in the living room.

Have a dance with the family to your favourite Irish tunes!

7. Relax with an Irish coffee

Irish Coffee

This one is for those not so keen of a pint of Guinness.

There is a variety of Irish coffee's you can make and experiment with!

Serve them in an Irish Coffee Glass for the best experience.

8. Try whiskey tasting

Whiskey Tasting

Pick out a few Irish whiskeys that you have not tried yet.

Take some whiskey tasting glasses and become a whiskey connoisseur for the day!