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Itsy Bitsy Martini Recipe

How To Make An Itsy Bitsy Martini Ingredients: 25ml of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (French Vodka infused with Blood Oranges, Mango and Passion Fruit) 3 Tsp of Vodka 50ml of Black Raspberry Liqueur 3 Blackberries 1 Blackberry and a Liquorice Wheel, for garnish Method: Muddle 2 or 3 Blackberries in a Cocktail Shaker Add the rest of the ingredients to the Cocktail Shaker and fill with Ice Cubes Shake until the Cocktail Shaker is cold to the touch and pour into a Martini Glass Create a Liquorice & Raspberry spider by making small incisions in the fruit & sticking short lengths of Liquorice into each side