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Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails: Dracula's Blood

Dracula's Blood

"I vant to suck your blood!"

Creep it real this Halloween with a cocktail that is sure to taste unBOOlievable. [recipe-ingredients] - 50ml of Pomegranate Juice -  50ml of Tequila Blanco - 3 Tsp of Brandy - 3 Tsp of Lemon Juice - 1 to 2 Tbsp of Agave Nectar - Pomegranate & Blood Orange Sparkling Soda — i.e. San Pellegrino - 1 Tsp of Grenadine - Ice [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Mix together the Pomegranate Juice, Tequila, Lemon juice, Brandy, Agave Nectar, Grenadine and Ice in a mixing glass 2. Stir to combine 3. Pour into your chosen glass 4. Proceed by topping up with Pomegranate & Blood Orange Sparkling Soda[/recipe-directions] For Dracula's Blood, we recommend serving it in our Skull Wine Glass