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Everything you need to know about cocktail shakers

There are three different cocktail shakers available, the Boston Shaker, the Parisian or French Shaker and the Cobbler Shaker. A shaker is a sealed container that is used to combine ingredients together. Once shaken the drink will then be poured into a glass for drinking. Sometimes the drink may be strained first depending on the recipe.

A Boston Shaker is made from a large and smaller cup that fits together to create a temporary seal. Like all shakers, ingredients can be mixed and muddled within the shaker. When using a Boston shaker, you will also need to use some kind of strainer such as a Hawthorne or Julep strainer for some cocktails. The Boston Shaker is usually used by professionals as it is faster and helps add some extra flair when they want to put on a show.

Silver Cocktail Shaker

The Parisian (French) cocktail shaker is a shaker made from two parts. This shaker is great for the beginner/intermediate and some professionals who aren’t working in a fast-paced environment. Similar to the Boston shaker, you will need some sort of strainer to strain your cocktails before serving them.

Silver Parisian Cocktail Shaker

Cobbler Shaker is made up of three parts, the cup, lid with a built-in strainer, and a cap. The lid and cup can slot together or some may be screwed in. The Cobbler is ideal for a beginner as it is simple to use and also has a built-in strainer, meaning you don’t need to purchase more equipment. Although this strainer is simple to use, professionals don’t use them as removing the three parts can be time-consuming.

Silver Cobbler Cocktail Shaker