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How to make a very Easy Mojito using Long Life & Shelf Stable Products

Hey, Cocktail fans, welcome back to the Blog. Today, we will show you how to make a nice & easy Mojito Cocktail using Long Life and Shelf Stable products. And then give you a few ideas about creating Fun Mojito Variations on how to create something even more exciting.

Here at Drinkstuff, we sell 3 products that make it super easy to create Mojitos at home without the need to always have fresh Mint to hand. It is worth noting that we do also have various other "Mint" Syrups, but the 3 listed below have that perfect Mojito Taste or Green in Colour. Which will actually be fine for some people. But for a lot of people, the traditionalists. Mojitos should be clear. We'll leave that decision to you.

While we will happily concede that these syrups do not replace the real thing. They are very close. It's not as fake-tasting as you may think. In fact, during blind taste tests, a lot of people can't actually taste the difference. But the beauty of products like these is that they save you always having Fresh Mint to hand. And can actually be cheaper too. 

The other vital ingredient for a Mojito is Lime Juice. So to keep in with the Long Life and Shelf Stable theme, this is where products like ODK Lime Juice come into their own. Just add Rum and Soda, and you have Mojitos whenever you need them, without the need to ever go out and buy fresh fruit and herbs. 


For the Easy Mojito, the Ingredients you will need;


How to make the Easy Mojtjio;

  • Add all the Ingredients to a Tall 14-16oz Hiball Glass.
  • Fill your Glass Three-Quarters full with Crushed Ice
  • Churn with a Long Bar spoon
  • Top up with more Crushed Ice
  • Garnish with the Frona Dried Lime



Mojito Variations you can try at Home;

Simply add 15-25ml of the following ODK Purees to the recipe above!