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10 Ways to step up your Piña Colada game

So Tiki is back, and everyone is loving rum-based cocktails. We all know the classics, and everyone enjoys a cheeky Piña Colada every now and then. But, the pineapple cocktail could be better, and we here at drinkstuff have found 10 different ways you could step up your cocktail game.

1. Add in some strawberries

Ok, so this may seem like a simple idea but it's a great one! What better way of shaking up the Piña Colada then adding the king of summer fruits the strawberry. Adding strawberries into a Piña Colada give an extra burst of fresh, sweetness.

2. Add Amaretto

More alcohol! Yeah! Adding amaretto into a Piña Colada adds a hint of nutty flavour, and helps bring out the creamy flavour of the coconut milk.

3. Freeze it! 

It's a hot summers day, and whilst a blended cocktail is great an alcoholic ice lolly is way better. Once you've prepared your Piña Colada mix, instead of popping it in the blender, add a splash of water and chuck it into an ice lolly mold and freeze. Wait a few hours and voila! You have an alcoholic ice lolly! 

4. Swap out the pineapple and add grenadine

Ok so it's not technically a Piña Colada without the pineapple, but with a name like 'Pink Flamingo Coladas' I hope you'll forgive us! To make a Pink Flamingo Colada all you have to do is swap out the pineapple for a splash of grenadine and some lime juice. amazing! 

5. Turn it into a milkshake!

We've stolen this idea from Tipsy Bartender, but when making your Piña Colada add a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of ice cubes. You're left with a blended, creamy milkshake! Amazing! 

6. Turn it into a sangria 

Ok so this recipe removes the coconut milk, and blended element of the Piña Colada but that's ok. All you need to make a Piña Colada  Sangria is coconut rum, pineapple juice, and 2 bottles of Moscato White Wine. Mix together in a large jug and chill. 

7. Swap out the rum 

I know, I know what a sacrilege! A Piña Colada?! Without rum?! Are you joking?! But not I'm not! We've found that if you swap out the rum for tequila you get this amazing margarita/Piña Colada combination and it's amazing! Add a salt rim for garnish and you may have your new favourite Piña Colada riff.

8. Turn it into a Blue Hawaiian

Another classic cocktail, the Blue Hawaiian, but did you know it's just a riff of a Piña Colada? No? I bet your friends don't either! When making your Piña Colada add a splash of Blue Curacao and there you have it, a Blue Hawaiian! 

9. Don't just serve it in a regular Piña Colada glass! 

Ok so we all know you're supposed to serve it in the classic, curvy cocktail glass, but you don't have to! You could serve it in an actual pineapple, or even a coconut! Or you could be even more on trend and serve it in a pineapple shaped glass. Check out one of our other blog posts that takes a look at pineapple glasses. 

10. Choose another fruit! 

So we've touched upon this already but instead of using pineapple, you could use any other exotic fruit. Mango, cherries, bananas, it's your choice! The Piña Colada is a great cocktail and you can make it whatever you want it to be! 

  So there you have it! 10 great ways to shake up the Piña Colada! If you're in need of supplies to make a classic Piña Colada check out our website where you can find cocktail equipment, cocktail mixers, decorations and more!